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aka Test Fire DateHelpHelpThis can be found on the little brown envelope that came with your pistol new. If you don't have the envelope you can call GLOCK, US Inc and they can provide it to you.

VVV332 G-22 GEN 3.0 2015-12-20
ABRE190 G-43 GEN 0.0 2015-12-19
BAVD** G-19 GEN 3.0 2015-12-15 Dated by Glock
ABFS** G-17 GEN 3.0 2015-12-13 My First Pistol
BAYB185 G-26 GEN 4.0 2015-12-12 Battlefield Green. Previously noted it as OD green but it is official BFG.
BARL504 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-12-11 BF Green
URY203 G-26 GEN 3.0 2015-12-04
BAYB185 G-26 GEN 4.0 2015-12-01 OD Green G26 Gen4. Birthdate confirmed December 2015 by Glock. No specific day was available. Purchased in Upstate NY.
BAVK494 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-12-00
ACDX614 G-19 GEN 3.0 2015-12-00
BAGY231 G-19 GEN 3.0 2015-11-30
BALC187 G-43 GEN 0.0 2015-11-23 purchased from buds gun shop
BALX87 G-34 MOS GEN 4.0 2015-11-10 Blue Label, FXD 5.5LB, PG3450202MOS, Fixed Plastic Sights, 5.5LB . (`dot`) Connector. The Date listed is the Import Date according to Glock, Inc, USA.
BARL504 G-19 GEN 0.0 2015-11-05 Battle Field Green
BARL504 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-11-05 Battle Field Green
AMBZ*** G-42 GEN 4.0 2015-11-01
BAGR150 G-17 GEN 4.0 2015-10-27
BAGW722 G-17 GEN 4.0 2015-10-15 Austrian FDE Model Build date received from Glock USA via e-mail
ABNW603 G-43 GEN 4.0 2015-10-13 with Trijicon front site from Glock, Arvada Colo.
ABLN** G-42 GEN 0.0 2015-09-28
BADR411 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-09-28
BADP109 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-09-24 My 5th Glock
YLX792 G-22 GEN 3.0 2015-09-24 First handgun, gifted from mother.
BAE*** G-43 GEN 0.0 2015-09-21
BAEF689 G-26 GEN 0.0 2015-09-15 Fde
ZUR505 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-09-14
YVT970 G-30S GEN 3.0 2015-09-14 Blue Label
AAXX241 G-42 GEN 0.0 2015-09-10
AAMB900 G-23 GEN 3.0 2015-09-08 Red Label Box
AAX*** G-42 GEN 4.0 2015-09-04
BAAH374 G-23 GEN 4.0 2015-09-02 GF Model (Grey Frame)
ZVE*** G-26 GEN 3.0 2015-09-02
ZYK25* G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-09-02 Date from test fired case envelope
BAAB497 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-09-01 GRAY FRAME