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ACVW940 G-42 GEN 3.0 2018-05-28
TAC602 G-27 GEN 4.0 2018-05-18 Just Purchased From Norcross Pawn
BHWP776 G-19RTF2 GEN 3.0 2018-05-18
BFZN979 G-19 GEN 5.0 2018-04-25 Daco
BFZN979 G-19 GEN 5.0 2018-04-25 Daco
ADHG1* G-26 GEN 5.0 2018-04-23 Made in usa, with proof marks. Verified by glock over the phone.
BGFB196 G-17 GEN 5.0 2018-04-20 My first glock
BGFB196 G-17 GEN 5.0 2018-04-20 My first glock Las Vegas Nevada
WDE343 G-21SF GEN 4.0 2018-04-14 Meedstyle
KA060628 G-17 GEN 4.0 2018-04-09
KA060628 G-17 GEN 4.0 2018-04-09
BGRT5* G-19 MOS GEN 4.0 2018-04-06
BESK294 G-19 GEN 3.0 2018-04-06
ACTB** G-43 GEN 4.0 2018-03-23 Barrel stamp: 9x19/3D Circle/US/Glock Logo/Georgia Proof Stamp
BGNK852 G-19 GEN 5.0 2018-03-19 Purchased on March 19th, 2018 at Barneys Police Supply in Shreveport, La w/ Blue Label Pricing
BGWV685 G-19X GEN 5.0 2018-03-18 Purchased On March 18th 2018 from RSR Group distributor at BAFB
BGWH605 G-19X GEN 0.0 2018-03-14
BFMK17 G-19 GEN 4.0 2018-03-13
BFMK178 G-19 GEN 4.0 2018-03-03
GLC19041A9 G-19 GEN 4.0 2018-03-03
BFMK607 G-19 GEN 0.0 2018-03-02
EDP8** G-21 GEN 3.0 2018-03-01 Purchased Agency Trade In Pistol, Sacramento, CA
BHEK449 G-20 GEN 4.0 2018-02-27
BGKY005 G-29 GEN 4.0 2018-02-27 LE
ACFH674 G-17 GEN 3.0 2018-02-27
WGB949 G-17 GEN 4.0 2018-02-19 The Product is now Own by Zeeshan Khan
BEYA509 G-17 GEN 5.0 2018-02-17 Kyle - First Pistol
BGNH** G-19 GEN 5.0 2018-02-02 significant barrel wear after first 250 rounds. wear on slide as well
BGPU505 G-19 GEN 5.0 2018-02-01 PA1950301AB
ACTU147 G-42 GEN 4.0 2018-01-02 Jam, slide did not open after final round
GWF563 G-19 GEN 0.0 2018-01-01
WRM655 G-34 GEN 4.0 2018-01-01
NKR632 G-27 GEN 0.0 2018-01-01 What gen is my glock
XDC091 G-26 GEN 4.0 2018-01-01 Made in Austria
BEGA** G-32 GEN 0.0 2018-01-01