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MXW*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-02-01 2 17 round mags red lable, fixed sites,5.5 connector, Smyrna, GA
MXY*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-03-01 Blue Label. 3 Standard Cap Mags
NAD*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-03-01 Blue Label
NAE*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01
NAG*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-04-01 Blue Label, standard sights, 5.5 lb.
NAH*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-03-01 OD Green, 2 17rd mags, red label
NCW*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-05-01 Blue Label, Night Sights
NDP*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 red label, 2 17rd
NDY*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-05-01 Red Label, fixed sights, front sight with screw, 3 17rd magazines, gray finish on slide and barrel, Austrian marked frame.
NDZ*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-05-01 fixed sights
NEB*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2010-02-01 (2) 10 round mag, GA frame
NGS*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-05-01 Blue Label, 3 HC Mags 1 with warning
NGS*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 Blue label, Matte Finish, Fixed Sights, 2 HC Mags (1 with warning).
NGU*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 Blue Label, Imported into the US on 5/28/09
NGZ*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 matte slide, 10 round mags
NLA*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 red label, 1 with warning label, FS, screw on polymer front
NLD*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-06-01 red label with two 17 rnd mags, grey barrel
NNY*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-08-01 standard finish (black, not dark gray)
NNZ*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-07-01 slide: shiny pebble-grain black finish, barrel: new grey-coloured finish, frame: stamped Made in Austria Glock Inc., Smyrna, Georgia ,date confirmed by Glock
NPA*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-07-01 new gray finish on barrel, old slick black finish on slide
NSM*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-09-01 Red Label. Black. Standard Sights
NUP*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2009-09-01
NUR*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2010-01-01 blue label 3 mags
NUS*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2010-01-01
AZY*** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
EBM*** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ATG0**US G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00 2 pin pistol that looks new! It does have a 1 piece recoil spring so I assume it has been updated
SZ323US G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
YE986* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
FP421* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00 I purchased my G17 in late 2000. It has the proof marks all over it. Slide numbers match frame. Barrel code is CK200 (with proofs). Glock says April 1989 for slide and frame and Oct 1987 for barrel. She still shoots like a house afire. The frame looks Gen 2 based on checkering
GSC5** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
AAS*** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
LZR*** G-17 GEN 0.0 2008-05-14
CXM*** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
BDC*** G-17 GEN 0.0 1994-12-15