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BKRX** G-22 GEN 4.0 2019-04-08 Brand New fm factory. U. S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary special engraved edition.
BLPE358 G-43 GEN 5.0 2019-04-10 Billings, MT
BHLA839 G-19 MOS GEN 4.0 2019-04-24
BLTP365 G-19 MOS GEN 5.0 2019-04-24 Bought brand new at Running`s Farm & Fleet,Bismarck, ND
BKVA218 G-19 GEN 4.0 2019-04-24
AWN887 G-23C GEN 2.0 2019-04-25 Which gen is my glock 22
ACYV084 G-42 GEN 0.0 2019-04-25
BGNU589 G-19 GEN 5.0 2019-04-26
AEGV871 G-19 GEN 4.0 2019-05-02
1018** G-17 GEN 4.0 2019-05-03
YGH615 G-23 GEN 3.0 2019-05-03
YGH615 G-23 GEN 3.0 2019-05-03
GX676A G-17 GEN 4.0 2019-05-04
BKTH621 G-32 GEN 4.0 2019-05-05 Bought in Billings, MT
BKTH621 G-32 GEN 4.0 2019-05-05 Bought in Billings, MT
BHHD610 G-19 GEN 5.0 2019-05-06 Made in Austria
NDP001 G-17 GEN 0.0 2019-06-01 2 10 rd
NDP001 G-17 GEN 0.0 2019-06-01 2 10 rd
ZLP570 G-19 GEN 4.0 2019-06-06
BHXE497 G-19X GEN 5.0 2019-07-05 Made in Austria
BFFU857 G-27 GEN 0.0 2019-07-05
BLLY910 G-19 MOS GEN 5.0 2019-07-10 Blue label program purchase, purchased by U.S. Marine
BETW935 G-22 GEN 4.0 2019-07-13 ‘Twas a great day at the range
VUM430 G-17 GEN 4.0 2019-07-15
YGN549 G-17 GEN 4.0 2019-07-26
ADBS309 G-42 GEN 0.0 2019-08-09
BAVW468 G-21 GEN 4.0 2019-08-10
ABKM863 G-30 GEN 4.0 2019-08-15
BKUU913 G-19 GEN 3.0 2019-08-26 Directly from Glock
BFWW723 G-23 GEN 0.0 2019-09-01
BLEW517 G-19 MOS GEN 0.0 2019-09-24
BKCB427 G-19X GEN 0.0 2019-10-23 Terrible accuracy out of box will shoot some more before claiming it’s junk.
BMSS** G-19 GEN 3.0 2019-11-01 Newly brought Gen 3 in California (on roster) from sportsman.
BKKF453 G-19 MOS GEN 4.0 2019-11-06 First handgun for EDC. Replaced stock sights with Ameriglo height sights.
BMAX826 G-21SF GEN 3.0 2019-11-11 G21SF Gen3 complete lower from