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aka Test Fire DateHelpHelpThis can be found on the little brown envelope that came with your pistol new. If you don't have the envelope you can call GLOCK, US Inc and they can provide it to you.

AKK980 G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
AKK133 G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
AKK133 G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
AK525* G-17 GEN 1.0 1985-04-05 In original box. One owner.
AK525* G-17 GEN 1.0 1986-02-01 PENCIL BARREL
AH350US G-17 GEN 1.0 1986-02-21 Import Date per Glock USA. All numbers matching. BTM barrel code. I`m the original owner since 1986.
AGX761 G-19 GEN 1.0 2001-01-03 Test
AGX761 G-19 GEN 1.0 2001-01-03 Test
AFM630 G-21 GEN 0.0 1992-11-01
AFK689 G-19 GEN 3.0 2012-09-15 LE Markings Fire Selector Port Authority test fired 9/15/2012
AF007* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
AEY106 G-22 GEN 2.0 1986-12-08
AET152 G-19 GEN 2.0 1991-01-01
AEFM898 G-17 GEN 4.0 2020-04-20 Gift from my Mother
AEC964US G-21 GEN 2.0 1992-10-31 Month/Year Verified with Glock Customer Service
ADUZ782 G-42 GEN 0.0 2009-12-02 Personal protection
ADU659 G-19 GEN 2.0 2000-04-19
ADKN083 G-17 GEN 4.0 2017-04-12 Coyote tan
ADHG1* G-26 GEN 5.0 2018-04-23 Made in usa, with proof marks. Verified by glock over the phone.
ADGU** G-26 GEN 5.0 2018-12-05
ADE952 G-17 GEN 2.0 1992-08-01
ADBS309 G-42 GEN 0.0 2019-08-09
ADBC441 G-42 GEN 0.0 1984-03-16
ADAW829 G-19 GEN 5.0 1995-07-24
ADAF08 G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-09-19 Date confirmed by glock over the phone.
ADAB178 G-26 GEN 4.0 2020-05-30
ACZT532 G-17C GEN 4.0 2017-10-28
ACZF764 G-42 GEN 0.0 2019-01-19
ACYV084 G-42 GEN 0.0 2019-04-25
ACYU6* G-17 GEN 5.0 2017-01-24 Made in USA; Georgia proof marks on barrel, slide, and frame.
ACYP247 G-17C GEN 4.0 2018-10-01 U.S. proofs
ACYE** G-42 GEN 0.0 2018-05-31
ACWM444 G-42 GEN 4.0 2017-11-17 Confirmed by Glock. Magazine and internal parts are current rev as of Jan 2020.
ACVW940 G-42 GEN 3.0 2018-05-28
ACUN557 G-42 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00