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BFFC** G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-05-11 OD
BFEU** G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-05-11
BEBV614 G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-05-16
BEWS945 G-43 GEN 0.0 2017-05-20
ACKT109 G-42 GEN 0.0 2017-05-29
GPM661 G-21 GEN 3.0 2017-06-01 Private owner purchased from GT Distributors Mesquite, TX
KXN841 G-27 GEN 0.0 2017-06-04 Is it clean!!!
BFFZ380 G-30S GEN 0.0 2017-06-17 Purchased from the Sportsmans Guide. I assume she was made in the U.S.A. I just didn`t think to ask where she was born.
BFNT229 G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-06-20 Called glock and this was the date they told me
BEEM808 G-43 GEN 0.0 2017-06-30
BERY382 G-19 GEN 3.0 2017-07-11 Owned it for only a little more than a month...Au
BEEW851 G-43 GEN 4.0 2017-07-13
MDP360 G-18 GEN 4.0 2017-07-17
BFSA9XX G-17L GEN 3.0 2017-07-19
KYZ197 G-22 GEN 3.0 2017-08-10
BBGW170 G-43 GEN 4.0 2017-08-17 Cal. 9x21 mm.
BFLL070 G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-08-20 First handgun, productive date
BFEV009 G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-09-13 FS
BEXU474 G-32 GEN 4.0 2017-09-14
BFTA0* G-19 MOS GEN 4.0 2017-09-15 GSSF award-Received from Glock 2017-09-20
ADAF08 G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-09-19 Date confirmed by glock over the phone.
ACZZ05 G-43 GEN 0.0 2017-09-25 Color printed with blue and one hell of a gun
BFYZ898 G-21 GEN 4.0 2017-09-29
ACSP6* G-42 GEN 4.0 2017-10-07
SUS308 G-27 GEN 4.0 2017-10-21
ACZT532 G-17C GEN 4.0 2017-10-28
BGFV6* G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-10-31 Made in Austria.
BDWM792 G-27 GEN 0.0 2017-11-00
G108844 G-19 GEN 3.0 2017-11-08 Replacement frame for EX239US. Original frame cracked at factory when trying to retrofit relief cuts into Frame.
BGGF** G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-11-09 Barrel stamp: 9x19/3D Circle/5/AT/Glock Logo
ACTY058 G-43 GEN 1.0 2017-11-10
BEVK1* G-30S GEN 3.0 2017-11-14 Just eight days old when I picked it up.
BGNE671 G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-11-15 Blue Label from GT Distributors, purchased new in December 2017.
BGNN** G-19 GEN 5.0 2017-11-16 My first pistol
ACPB** G-19 GEN 4.0 2017-11-17 PH