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aka Test Fire DateHelpHelpThis can be found on the little brown envelope that came with your pistol new. If you don't have the envelope you can call GLOCK, US Inc and they can provide it to you.

ME998* G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ME795US G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ME666* G-19 GEN 0.0 1990-00-00 Gen 2, 19 in circle on left side of trigger guard.
ME546* G-19 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00 don`t know born on date or test fire date
ME453US G-19 GEN 0.0 1990-03-00
ME407US G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ME**** G-19 GEN 2.0 1990-03-01
MD751US G-19 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
MD750US G-19 GEN 2.0 1990-00-00 (Prior to the Desert Storm Commemorative) The pistol was factory stock (not even the 6-part update) with magazines to match. It is a 2 pin gun. The grip left side has the Glock logo. The finger gaurd left side has a `19`. The slide left side is engraved `Glock 19 AUSTRIA 9X19`. The grip right side has `US Pat xxxxxx` and `GLOCK, INC., SMYRNA, GA.`. The slide right side has a small Glock logo and `MD750US`. The barrel right side has `MD750US 9X19` and a small Glock logo.
MD586US G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MD586* G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MD457US G-19 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
MC761* G-20 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MC341* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MC184* G-20 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
MC0595SD G-22 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
MC0308SD G-22 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MC0173SD G-22 GEN 2.0 1995-10-12 Marion County (Indiana) Sheriffs Department
MC009* G-21 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
MC**** G-20 GEN 2.0 1990-07-01 First G-20s
MC**** G-20 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
MB2445 G-26 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
MA1034SD G-22 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00 Find
MA**** G-19 GEN 2.0 1990-01-01 Philippines
LZ888US G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
LZ501* G-19 GEN 2.0 1990-02-00 US on end of SN, factory adjustable sights, called Glock for date
LZ**** G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
LY504* G-19 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
LY089* G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
LY014US G-19 GEN 2.0 1990-02-00 NYPD
LY**** G-19 GEN 2.0 1989-10-00 Was told by a Glock armorer that it was the nicest stock Glock he had seen in many years with an amazing trigger.
LY**** G-19 GEN 2.0 1989-12-00 Stock, No 6 part upgrade
LX732* G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
LW961* G-19 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00