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aka Test Fire DateHelpHelpThis can be found on the little brown envelope that came with your pistol new. If you don't have the envelope you can call GLOCK, US Inc and they can provide it to you.

ZCB*** G-42 GEN 0.0 2015-06-20 AUSTRIA
ZCC584 G-41 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCD321 G-19 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCD949 G-19 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCG118 G-17 GEN 3.0 2015-08-22
ZCG118 G-17 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZCL*** G-17 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCM239 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-04-30 Law Enforcement
ZCN6** G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-04-01 Blue Label bought in CO, USA
ZCN779 G-19 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCP147 G-19 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZCR549 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-05-07 Has pentagon symbol without dot in middle of it, and `AT` for made in Austria on top of barrel breach exterior. Does not appear to have shiny, tennifer coating on slide exterior as previous models I have owned did. Concealed carry pistol. My 4th Glock.
ZCT*** G-19 GEN 3.0 2015-05-15
ZCT000 G-19 GEN 0.0 2015-05-13
ZCX791 G-19 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZCY*** G-19 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZCY169 G-19 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZCZ40* G-19 GEN 3.0 2015-05-20 Bought NIB w/test fired brass in dated envelope
ZDF282 G-19 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00 An instrument of liberty.
ZDG144 G-19 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ZDK890 G-23 GEN 4.0 2015-08-17
ZDN*** G-26 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZDN175 G-26 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZDN671 G-26 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZED*** G-43 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ZEG969 G-43 GEN 0.0 2015-04-27
ZEK*** G-43 GEN 4.0 2015-04-12 BUG
ZEM360 G-43 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZEP749 G-42 GEN 4.0 0000-00-00
ZES544 G-19 GEN 4.0 2015-05-09
ZET*** G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
ZET173 G-17 GEN 3.0 2015-05-20 White Label box, sold in CA.
ZET195 G-17 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZET227 G-17 GEN 3.0 0000-00-00
ZET469 G-17 GEN 3.0 2015-05-20