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aka Test Fire DateHelpHelpThis can be found on the little brown envelope that came with your pistol new. If you don't have the envelope you can call GLOCK, US Inc and they can provide it to you.

CM349* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CM129* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
CM**** G-17 GEN 0.0 1987-10-01 NPV and Austria stamped date code September 1987 (ITY)
CL9*** G-22 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
CL846* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL805* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL781* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
CL748* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL748* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL562* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL478* G-17C GEN 1.0 1987-08-00
CL349* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CL**** G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-10-01 Austrian Proofs pty
CL**** G-17C GEN 1.0 1987-08-01 Austrian proofs, date code PTY
CK762* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CK4**US G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-10-00 Import date verified with Glock. PTY barrel date code. Factory adjustable sights.
CK**** G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-10-01 Austrian markings, stamped August 1987 (PTY), ars
CH876* G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
CH**** G-17 GEN 0.0 1987-07-01 Austrian markings
CG81** G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00 purchased new by me, Tupperware box has adhesive paper on end of box that has serial number that matches s.n. on pistol. Tupperware box reads on top `1986 US-AWARD Best in the Market PISTOL CATEGORY`, Awarded by: American Firearms Industry and National Association of Federally licensed Firearms Dealers. Pistol has had way less than 500 rounds fired.
CG408US G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-04-00 Barrel date BTY 04/87, Austrian proof marked, not pencil barreled, cantilever rear sight
CG**** G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-07-01 Barrel date BTY: April `87, very little use, barrel O.D./inside of slide still black. Austrian proof marked. Locking block, trigger bar, connector all black.
CF00** G-17 GEN 0.0 1984-00-00 First test
CF**** G-17 GEN 2.0 1987-03-01 replacement frame Gxxx US , barrel date code, TG dates it as May
CE863* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CE533* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CE129* G-17 GEN 0.0 1987-03-00 Barrel CE129 NPv NTY
CE**** G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-05-01 Austrian markings, NYT barrel mark
CD9998 G-22 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
CD7981 G-22 GEN 2.0 0000-00-00
CD771US G-17 GEN 0.0 0000-00-00
CD771US G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00
CD330* G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-02-00 As noted in CD278
CD278* G-17 GEN 1.0 1987-04-01 Austrian markings & LTY on bbl (February `87), Came with: "1986 US Award: Best in the Market" tupperware type box, adjustable and fixed sights, rod & brush, 2 17rd. mags, and the 17 rd ammo stand.
CD186* G-17 GEN 1.0 0000-00-00